Document Management System (DoclG)

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Document Management System (DoclG)

InfintrixGlobal provides DoclG, state-of-the-art Document Management Solution that caters to enterprise level archiving and storing of physical documents online. It is an exhaustive workflow management along with powerful, flexible and convenient access to information. Engineered for the flexibility and ease of use that library patrons and staff demand, our system sets the rules and parameters that work best for your library.

In a increasingly demanding regulatory environment a Document Management System (DMS) can help limit exposure to civil and criminal liability stemming for non–compliance with regulatory statutes that ensuring that consistent application of policies organization wide and by providing audit reports. Meaning that the date and time of creation of the document must be recorded in unalterable fashion, and the storage media use by the system must be unalterable.

DoclG is the state of the art document management system that caters to enterprise level archiving and storing of physical documents online. DoclG is an ideal platform most companies looking to store electronic version of their physical document with safety and appropriate control.

Scope Of The Project

  • Document Management
  • Users Level And Document Level Security
  • Reduced paperwork and Redundancy
  • Key Features


  • DMS support multiple companies, location and branches
  • Support organization structure of hierarchy level
  • Staff members have can their own login to perform tasks
  • Any management software can be built on base of the system
  • Higher level can define access permission for every role
  • Authorized users can create / upload or scan new document which can be automatically forwarded to the next level defined in hierarchy for approval purpose
  • Authorized users can view their documents pending for approvals and take decisions [Approve and Reject] on documents or they can send further too the next hierarchy
  • Supports to maintain documents versions
  • Support to maintain document history
  • Users can set performance for other users in their absence to take decisions for a valid period of time
  • Easy use likes windows –Folders and Documents cut/copy/paste functionally
  • Email integration in the system to maintain attached documents and email details for each user
  • Easy to use ,users friendly system to maintain organization documents in proper folder structure ,which is unified for all users
  • OCR of documents
  • Search functionally
  • Multilingual support.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET 4.0, SQL SERVER 2008, lls7, WFC

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